How does the Payeer wallet work?

Payeer is an electronic wallet for storing fiat currencies (dollars, euros, rubles) and cryptocurrencies.

We will cover what is Payeer. How to replenish and withdraw money through banks and cryptocurrencies. Overview of tariffs for transfers and trading.
Updated: May 18, 2022
Oleksandr Slobodskyi
Time to read: 9 minutes

What is Payer?

With Payeer you can:

  1. Make internal transfers to other Payeer accounts.
  2. Withdraw money in different currencies.
  3. Trade cryptocurrencies on the stock exchange.

How does Payper work?

  1. Register your wallet.
  2. Top up Payeer. You can top up with a bank card, through an exchanger, or by transferring cryptocurrency.
  3. Withdraw money. You can withdraw to a bank card, another crypto-wallet, or through an exchanger anywhere.

Tariffs and commissions

When viewed from mobile, the table has a horizontal scroll.

How to create a wallet?

Follow the link and click "Create Account".

In the first step, you need to specify your email, after which you will receive a confirmation code that you need to specify to continue registration.
Payeer Wallet Registration
In the second step, you need to specify a password, secret code, and account name. Payeer generates this data by default, but you can change it to your own.

In the future, you will be logging in with your account name, so it's important not to lose this data.
Payeer Registration Security Details
After specifying the password, the last step remains – specify the name and country.

How to verify an account?

Payeer has a restriction for accounts that have not passed the verification of documents – you can make transactions for $999 per day.

To increase the limit, you need to verify your account. For verification, find the "Identification" section in the settings.

Verification in two steps:

  1. Fill in information about yourself.
  2. Upload documents.

Confirming an account with documents is a standard procedure for payment systems.

For example, Skrill asks for documents after reaching a limit too.

Information about opening an account in Payeer, transactions, and wallet balance is not transferred to third parties or tax authorities.

How to top up Payeer?

After opening the wallet, the following currencies will be available in your account:

  1. Dollars.
  2. Euro.
  3. Rubles.

And cryptocurrencies:

  1. Bitcoin.
  2. Bitcoin cash.
  3. Ethereum.
  4. Litecoin.
  5. Dash.
  6. Ripple.

You can top up Payeer directly or through exchangers. It is more profitable through exchangers.
Currencies in Payeer

How to top up directly?

To replenish your wallet directly go to the "Deposit" section. Select the currency you want to deposit and the deposit method.

Depending on the chosen currency, different deposit methods will be available to you. For example, a dollar account can be replenished with the following options.

  1. From the card – Visa, MasterCard, or Maestro.
  2. Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin.
  3. Payment systems – QIWI, Advcash, PerfectMoney.

When replenishing with a card, the commission will be 3.99% if your turnover is more than 10,000 $ per month. If less, then the tariff is 4.99%.

There is also a restriction on countries whose cards cannot be used: USA, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, India, Afghanistan, Colombia, Angola, Chad, Congo, Cuba, Palestine, Nigeria, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Syria, Sudan.
How to top up a Payer wallet
If you choose to top up with a bank card, the next step will be the standard online payment process. You will need to indicate the card number and CVV code. The commission for the payment is immediately visible.
Top up Payeer wallet from a bank card
If you choose to deposit via cryptocurrencies, a unique wallet number in the selected cryptocurrency will be generated.

Using this number, you can send cryptocurrency from the place where you currently have it, and it will be credited to your Payeer account. Using this method you can get paid in crypto from Fansly.
Topping up your Payeer wallet with cryptocurrencies

How to top up through exchangers?

As we have already discussed, for replenishing Peer from a card directly, you will pay a commission of 3.99%, to save money, you can use exchangers.

To find a safe exchange, use aggregators like Bestchange.

How to use the exchange aggregator?

  1. Choose what you will give, money from a bank card or payment system.
  2. Choose what you want to receive, in our case Payeer.
  3. You get a table of exchangers, choose the appropriate rate, and positive reviews.
  4. Go to the exchange site. Specify the amount of the exchange, the wallet from which you will send it, and the details where you need to receive it. You will be given details of where to send the money. You send, usually, within 15-30 minutes the money is credited to your details.

The rate in exchangers is cheaper since it is an internal payment from the side of the wallet.

In this way, you can replenish or withdraw money not only to banks but also to other payment systems, which otherwise would not work.

The first time you can try with a small amount. After a couple of payments, I'm already used to it and send the entire amount at once, there have never been any problems, on Bestchange all the exchangers are normal.

Withdrawal and replenishment of Payeer in the exchanger

There are a lot of options out there, go look for what suits you best.

Options for replenishing Payer through an exchanger

How to withdraw money from Payeer?

The withdrawal works similarly – you can withdraw directly or through exchangers.

Choose the desired currency, go to the withdrawal section, and study the proposed options.

Dollars, rubles, and euros can only be withdrawn to other payment systems – Advcash and PerfectMoney. If you need to withdraw to a bank account, use Bestchange.

How does the exchange work on a real example?

  1. I went to Bestchange and chose the pair I needed – Payeer to monobank exchange.
  2. Found where the minimum amount suits me and good reviews. On the site, I received the details of where to send money from Payeer.
  3. Sent with Payeer. Received on monobank.

Most often, everything is automated and comes in 15-20 minutes.
Withdrawal from Payeer to Monobank via Bestchange

How to exchange money within Payeer?

You can change money between your Payeer accounts.

Everything works as simple as possible - choose the pair you want to exchange, enter the amount, and click exchange. The exchange takes place instantly.
Currency exchange within Payeer

Accepting payments on the site

Payeer can be connected to accept payments on your website.

Buyers will be able to use any bank card or cryptocurrency.

After payment, the money enters the seller's Payeer account, after which it can be withdrawn in the standard way.

There are many solutions for connecting payments on the site, the main plus of Payeer is the ability to accept cryptocurrencies.

There is a set of ready-made integrations for different CMS.
Accepting payments via Payeer

Comparison with other payment systems

Depending on your tasks, it makes sense to study how other payment systems work.

If you need to make personal transfers between countries or trade cryptocurrencies, learn how Skrill works.

If you need to make business transactions, Payoneer may be right for you.

To accept payments on the site, you can connect PayPal.